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Nikolaos Ad. Stylas

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  • 1. Photovoltaic Equipment

    1. Photovoltaic Equipment

  • 2. Connectors-Plugs-Cables

    2. Connectors-Plugs-Cables

  • 3. Microscopes-Experiments

    3. Microscopes-Experiments

  • 4. Educational Systems

    4. Educational Systems

  • 5. Instruments-Laboratory Equipment-Robotics

    5. Instruments-Laboratory Equipment-Robotics

  • 6.  Computer Equipments

    6. Computer Equipments



Year 1958: An advertisement for the new branch of Siemens established by our grandfather, Mr. Stylas Adamos, in Kozani, Greece



Our company has recently supplied a VR-Ready pc in a Technical Educational Institute in Greece. Some characteristics of the pc:

- Box CORSAIR Obsidian 750D
- Motherboard ASUS Strix H270F
- CPU Intel Core i7 7700K 4,20GHz
- Graphics Card ASUS ROG Stix GTX-1060 6GB
- Memory 16GB Kingston Technology DDR4 2400MHz
- SSD Samsung Electronics 850PRO 512GB
- Monitor ASUS MX27AQ resolution 2560x1440



You can download the new version of Solarline catalogue, containing all the products that our company supplies exclusively for Greece and Cyprus


Solarline catalogue:



The Dobot Magician robotic arm has high accuracy that can only be seen in industrial robots, but with low cost.

The robotic arm can paint, draw, move, grab things according to your instruction, laser engrave and even used as a 3d printer.



You can easily assembly a Power-Blox Mini-Grid in just seconds with the help of the smart battery Power-Blox


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Member of the Chamber of Kozani

λογότυπο επιμελητήριο Κοζάνης